About Takii Seed

At Takii Seed, you could say we’re in it for the long haul. After more than 185 years of dedication to the world of agriculture, our goal is to continue to breed, develop and produce superior quality vegetable and flower varieties to meet our customers’ needs. We combine the best science, research and ingenuity to fuel the success of growers and distributors in this dynamic and expanding field. American Takii, is proud to be part of the Takii Seed legacy known throughout the world. We value our customers over all and strive for long-term partnerships based on service and trust. How may we help you?

Our Management Team

Steve Wiley

Steve is a long-time professional in the vegetable seed industry. He has 34 years of combined experience at Monsanto Vegetable Seed Division, Petoseed and Sierra Seed in Nogales, time spent primarily in Latin America where he became fluent in Spanish. Steve has experienced first-hand the technological evolution of the industry which has well-positioned him to oversee Takii’s new state-of art seed processing plant in Salinas. He is a member of the Board of Directors, Monterey County Farm Bureau. A native of the Salinas Valley, Wiley received his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science & Management from the 
University of California at Davis.

Nancy O'Connor

Nancy has over 20 years of HR related experience in areas such as HR administration, payroll, benefits, core services and labor relations including collective bargaining processes. She is fluent in Spanish and has previously worked for businesses in the apple juice and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Currently, she is a member of the senior management team in partnership with each department with a focus on strategic initiatives and full employee life-cycle needs. Nancy resides in Hollister with her husband and son.

Mike Huggett

  • Mike Huggett started his career at Raker Acres at the ripe old age of 14. From that time, Mike worked through the transition from field laborer to greenhouse ornamental and vegetable production, ultimately gaining the position of head grower. After leaving production Mike began working for breeders such as Daehnfeldt and Floranova working specifically as technical advisor for each. In 2009 Mike began working as technical product manager for Takii eventually being named Eastern Flower Sales Manager in 2012. He was promoted to National Flower Sales Manager in 2017. Mike also directs new product development and marketing for the flower department.

Jackie Pak

  • Jackie has worked in various finance and accounting roles with banking, service, tech and manufacturing companies. Most recently she was the controller at a berry and avocado growing and marketing operation. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has taken master’s degree level courses in accounting and finance. In addition to her other corporate controller duties, she also manages our accounting department.