Helianthus (Sunflower) F1 Sunrich™ Series

The Sunrich series has superb quality, one of many features that help keep its leading status in the world Helianthus market. Sunrich flowers are pollenless, long lasting, densely petaled and upright facing on strong stems.

Sunrich Orange DMR is the first downy mildew highly-resistant ornamental Helianthus variety. It is resistant to multiple strains of downy mildew (plasmopara halstedii). Plant height, growing speed, as well as flower shape and color are similar to Sunrich Orange.

Plant height is 35 – 59″ (90 – 150 cm).

Available in: 50 to 65 day types: Lemon Summer, Limoncello Summer, and Orange Summer / 55 to 70 day types: Gold, Lemon, Lime, and Orange / 65 to 85 day type: Orange DMR (Downy Mildew Resistant)

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